CCTV Surveys

Blocked Drain Plymouth CCTV Surveys

You may be asking yourself, I see that Blocked Drain Plymouth offer CCTV surveys, but what is this? It sounds like something to do with a security camera! Well you’re half right, as it’s a process that does involve cameras. A CCTV survey is used to see the parts of your drains that we can’t see just from looking with our eyes, and that’s most of your drains! Think about how much plumbing there is both inside your home and outside, leading to the sewers. Whatever you are thinking you are probably still underestimating just how much plumbing their is, as it’s amazingly extensive, especially in your gardens!

A CCTV survey can be used if there is a stubborn blockage that is hard to locate, or just for your peace of mind. Maybe you are moving into a new home and want to check that the drains are up-to-scratch and won’t cause you any massive problems mere weeks down the line? Then you should book a CCTV survey with Blocked Drain Plymouth today for drain unblocking near me!

The survey itself involves a camera on the end of a long flexible tube. This is fed down your drains, often from the street as this is mostly an operation for outdoor drains. Whatever the camera sees you can also see through a screen where the drainage engineer is, who is completing the task. They will point out to you any problems they can see in your pipes, and as you go further and further it’s truly amazing to see how far your drains go! If any problems are spotted, such as corrosion or tree roots growing in your system, the CCTV survey allows the engineer to accurately locate the problem and then they can work towards fixing it whilst causing the least damage to your property possible. For even more information on this, see our page on CCTV Surveys and local drain unblocking service.